Reviews of Gershwin´s Concerto in F with the Philharmonic of Montevideo.

BUSQUEDA, a Weekly Magazine, 7/4/2013

A Remarkable Rendering of the Concerto in F
Graf´s phrasing had an untransferable swing which is not written in the score. He displayed beautiful sound, drive and spirit in perfect communication with conductor and orchestra. What happened last night at the Solis Theatre was an event that I can only compare to a performance by Ralph Votapek and Howard Mitchell over 40 years ago.

PORTFOLIO Magazine, 7/3/2013

The Philharmonic in Laudable Concert
The highlight of the evening was without a doubt the appearance of Enrique Graf in Gershwin´s Concerto in F. He posesses an enormous ability to communicate to the audience, great magnetism and charisma, absolute control of the instrument and strength. The interpretation was brilliant from beginning to end. The orchestra played with full awareness that they were in front of one of the best uruguayan pianists of all times.

EL PAIS, 7/6/2013

Enrique Graf once again showed his brilliant technique and clear and beautiful sound in an intimate and personal version of the Concerto in F. The audience responded with a long and warm ovation.