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“He is a talent of unusual magnitude, for he not only does he have the technical virtuosity and strength required, he has the poetic sensitivity of the truly great.”
The Evening Post/The News and Courier

“Graf brought a program of big pianistic pieces to the National Gallery last night and then proceeded to lavish the most poetic attention on them.”
The Washington Post

“In a lengthy and extremely demanding program pianist Enrique Graf displayed stunning expertise in different musical idioms.”
The Daily Progress, Charlottesville

“Graf is a terrific pianist, the possessor of one of the most exciting talents around. He is one of the finest colorists I have heard at the keyboard in some time.”
Deseret News, Salt Lake City

“His playing was marked by an immediacy that pulled listeners into his explorations as if he and they were discovering the music for the first time.”
The Washington Post

“From the very beginning, his imposing, attractive, artistic personality became evident. Noble inspiration, a rare ability to communicate.”
El Tiempo, Bogota

“Lee Hoiby’s Piano Concerto No. 2 was played beautifully by Graf and the orchestra. For his part, Graf displayed a fine technique and a poetic soul in his playing.”
The Charleston Gazette, West Virginia

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“Wonderfully inevitable Bach…
Graf is a musician first and, only after that, an assured and technically complete pianist.”
The Washington Post

“The pianist managed to unify into a compelling whole the disparate elements in Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.”
The New York Times

“He pulled off a superb performance (Mussorgsky).
He is a master of detail and looks at each phrase closely and intimately.
He is a master of the big picture and outlines musical structures with bold clarity.”
The Washington Post

“The playing had elegance, without missing dash or spirit, and a fine understanding of tone colors.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Graf has mastered the most difficult part of the pianist’s art–reticence, the ability to say compelling things and seize the audience’s attention without pounding.”
The Washington Post

” …intelligent rendering…Graf’s to be commended for drawing out overlooked phrases in both hands…” (Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 with the Nashville Symphony)
The Tennessean

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“These Mozart performances (Concertos No. 19 & 21), part of the International Piano Series’ 10th anniversary season, rank as some of the best of the best from the past 10 years of glorious piano playing.”
The Post and Courier – SC

“Brilliant… Enormous technical resources… Propulsive rhythm… Hobson and Graf played with enthusiasm and assurance.” (Gershwin Concerto)
The News-Gazette – IL

“The pianist and the orchestra warmed to it well.” (Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Falla with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.) Rapsodia Sinfonica was played with panache of a classic feature film’s last reel.”
The Indianapolis Star

“Sensational… Poetic… Dramatic… ingenious mix of simplicity and complexity. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Enrique Graf, do yourself a favor and go.”
Michael Redmond, The Star-Ledger– NJ

“The gallant and unassuming Graf, a William Kappell Competition winner from Uruguay, played Mozart’s K. 459 concerto in a clear, shapely and full-bodied manner.”
News-Times– Pawling, NY

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”For me, this could be the best concert of the 1999-2000 season.”
The Hawk Eye– IA

“Graf presented his part with an energetic approach and in careful marriage with the orchestra’s play of sounds. The public welcomed it very warmly. (The Nights in the Gardens of Spain with the Orquesta Sinfonica de Chile)
El Mercurio– Santiago de Chile

“His technical maturity and musical interest place him at the height of the best interpreters of his generation.”
El Pais– Montevideo

“Unusually interesting……ideal performances” (Beethoven Concertos 1 & 2, Centaur 2175)

“His musicality was the unmistakable stamp, the calling card of this performer”
La Nación, – Buenos Aries

“Graf is an expansive pianist with a gift for shaping his sound in a way that lets the music breathe and then glisten for a moment in the light.”
The Evening Sun– Baltimore

“(Program of) Haydn, Debussy and Liszt clearly established him as a major keyboard artist. The real tour de force was the Liszt Sonata, stunning with a sense of drama and passion.”
Dayton Daily News– OH

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“Plenty of character, technique laudable for smoothness and accuracy.”
Post-Dispatch– St. Louis

“Clearly a great pianist.”
El Universal – Caracas

“Graf made a convert of me for both his playing and the work itself. (Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 2) So elegantly did he unwind Beethoven’s own ideas that the cadenza sounded new and different; its modern, dissonant accents giving new meaning to the composer’s creativity. It was the best, the very best of many dozens of performances that have been inflicted on me over the years.”
The News Tribune– NJ

“Lyric beauty, haunting folk melodies. His total concept had authority.” (Grieg Concerto)
The Indianapolis Star

“Graf has all the bombastic ammunition in his arsenal that he could ever need, certainly, but he chose to use it with calculated restraint. This was most evident in his brilliant performance of Beethoven Sonata Op.111…control…stunning voice-leading.”
The Washington Post

“An elegance rarely found. Tossed off the bravura passages with ease.”
The Indianapolis News

“Mr. Graf’s Bach is extroverted, impulsive and altogether joyous, marked by an irresistible sense of flow.”
The New York Times

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“Two spectacular nights in the hands of one of the most virtuosic interpreters of classical music of the last decade.”
El Tiempo – Bogota

“Pure pleasure” “Confident Joy” (Beethoven Concerto No. 3)
The Times Herald-Record – Hudson Valley, NY

“Sparkling, assured, unforgettable.” (Haydn, No. 11 in D Major) “Sensitive interplay with the orchestra showed a master at work.” (Edward Hart, world premiere “Tidal Concerto”)
The Post and Courier– SC

“Graf displayed some of the most spellbinding pianissimo heard recently. His shaded dynamics and crisp articulation would undoubtedly have made Ravel’s heart sing for joy.”
The State Journal Register– IL

“…brought bounteous passion to Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto. Graf was masterful. His graceful presence on the stage, his incredible range of touch on the keyboard and his knowledge of the work were well expressed. Electrifying”
Daily Sun– AZ